Seminar On Harmful effects of junk food

Seminar On Harmful effects of junk food was conducted on 23rd July 2014 for class I-V.Students were shown video‘s and explained about harmful effects of junk food and the role of nutritious food in healthy living.

Ramzan – Eid-ul-Fitr

Ramzan –Eid- ul -Fitr was celebrated on 23/07/14 .the teachers and the students together arranged the programme . There was a prayer and prayer song sung by the students. The teachers explained the importance of the festival and the manner in which it is celebrated. Videos were shown to entertain students.

Solo dance competition

Solo dance competition was organized for STD I-II on 22/07/14 the theme for the competition was folk dance. Students dressed in different traditional costumes showcased a variety of folk dance.

Gift wrapping competition

Gift wrapping competition was organized for STD VI-VIII on 18/07/14. Students used ecofriendly material and waste material for wrapping and came out with different innovative ideas of gift wrapping.

Story telling competition

Story telling competition was organized on 15/07/14 for STD I-II and on 17/07/14 for STD III-V. Students narrated different moral based stories.

Talent hunt

Talent hunt was organized for the fresher’s on 26/06/2014. The new comers showcased their talent by participating in various activities such as recitation, speech, solo dance, singing etc.

Environment day

Environment day was celebrated on 20/06/14. Students planted saplings of Teak and Neem in the school campus. Students were shown videos based on environmental awareness.

Summer Vacations

The long awaited summer vacations commenced on 30th April providing a period of rejuvenation to both teachers and taught. School will reopen on 16th June for students while our teachers will be back on 2nd June for a rigorous schedule of workshops which are necessary to familiarize them with the latest updates in teaching methodology … Continue reading »

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities form the backbone of the overall development of students. We conducted calligraphy competition for juniors and story writing for senior student. Oratorical skills of our students were sharpened for the recitation competition which was conducted at three levels. Many such competitions are scheduled to be held over the rest of the term.

New Beginnings

The current Academic Year commenced on 1st April 2014 on a joyous note with many new faces among the staff and student fraternity. The little ones in the pre primary classes got of to a tearful start but very soon they had a smile on their faces when the teachers involved them in various new … Continue reading »